About Us

Our Story

The journey towards finding one’s purpose in life can often be a winding and difficult path. My own experience has taken me down many roads, from working in various industries to exploring different career opportunities. I have worked at an airport, sold newspapers, and tried my hand at countless other jobs along the way. But despite all of my efforts, I still felt as though something was missing.

That was until I stumbled upon a local lapidary club. At first, I was simply curious about what the club was all about, but as I learned more about the art of working with stones, minerals, and gemstones, I realized that I had finally found what I had been searching for all along. I was enamored with the beauty of opals, and the more I learned about these precious stones, the more my passion for them grew. Soon enough, this hobby had turned into a business, one that I approached with dedication and care.

Opals, in particular, held a special place in my heart. I was captivated by their unique beauty and the way each stone is completely different from the next. It takes millions of years for an opal to form, and during that time, the colors and patterns that emerge are like no other. As someone who spends the majority of their time carefully preparing and polishing these stones, I can attest to their endless possibilities of color and beauty. My purpose had finally become clear to me: to share the beauty of opals with the world and to bring a little bit of joy to others through their beauty.

Our Product

At Opalised Australia, we are dedicated to bringing the beauty of natural and untreated Australian opals to the world. Our opals are ethically sourced from renowned regions such as Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Andamooka, and the Queensland Opal Fields and represent the full spectrum of the Australian opal family including Boulder Opal, Crystal Opal, White Opal, Dark Opal and the prized Black Opal.

We understand that every individual has their own unique style and taste, which is why we take great care in customizing each of our opal pieces to reflect your individuality. Every item in our collection is a one-of-a-kind treasure, crafted to perfection with the utmost attention to detail. Whether you choose from our range of handmade jewellery available in our store or opt for a custom-made piece, you can be assured of the quality and uniqueness of each item.

At Opalised Australia, we are committed to delivering exceptional products at affordable and competitive prices. We believe that every household should have the opportunity to own an iconic piece of Australian heritage, to hold the beauty of history in their hands, and to experience the magic of opals. With our impressive collection and personalized services, we aim to bring a touch of beauty and elegance into your life.